Thursday, February 20, 2014

Didn't Know It Existed

During my last trip to the local card shop, I was flipping through the Detroit Tiger binders looking for a few cards for my baseball card collection.   Then I came across this card for my MSU collection.  I saw his name and it seemed rather familiar.  It is kinda hard to keep track of the baseball players from MSU as they are rarely on television like football, basketball or even hockey.  So, I try to keep up to date from the local newspaper and news.

2009 Bowman Prospects #BP39
I checked the back of the card and it confirmed my familiarity. It said "Michigan State". 
Jon Kibler is my 39th Spartan baseball player and will be slotted between Steve Juday and Jack Kralick in my baseball binder.  Kibler never made to the big leagues, so he doesn't count toward the MLB Spartans.
I also picked up a Kirk Gibson 2012 Topps Heritage card. He is pictured as the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks:

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