Friday, May 9, 2014

Ebay Win!

My latest Ebay purchase is of David Garner:

Garner pitched for MSU for the three years and then was drafted by Chicago Cubs.  He decided to sign with Chicago instead staying for his senior year. Time will tell if he made the right decision.
Garner is my 41st Spartan baseball player. He is placed between Wayne Fontes and Steve Garvey in the binder.

The card is from the 2013 Donruss Elite Extra Edition set. Frankly, I didn't know this card existed for awhile. The only reason I found out about it is that I have saved Ebay interest of "Spartans". So when I go on Ebay, A pictured collection of "Spartans" auctions are shown on front page.  Of course, I have to make sure they are MSU Spartans.  The Garner happened to be there to be noticed.
I recommend this tool on Ebay for other collectors